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AI-enabled workforce critical for future investment – IDA

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IDA Ireland has said that an AI-enabled workforce is critical to transforming Ireland’s enterprise base and supporting future investment in the country.

The agency has published its latest Labour Market Pulse report in collaboration with Microsoft and LinkedIn.

The research, entitled ‘Unlocking the Future: Ireland’s Prosperity with Generative AI’, is focused on artificial intelligence skills and on how generative AI can unlock the potential of Ireland’s workforce.

Based on data from over two million LinkedIn members in Ireland, the report indicates that it is older workers who have the most to gain from generative AI tools.

60% of so-called Generation X workers, those born between 1965-1980, have occupations where generative AI can complement or transform the work they do, freeing up their time for more value-added and creative work.

The report shows that technology, information and media is the sector with the greatest potential to harness generative AI tools and technologies.

This is followed closely by the financial services sector.

According to a recent joint study by Trinity College Dublin and Microsoft Ireland, 49% of organisations in Ireland are already using generative AI in some form.

“With AI set to transform a wide range of industries and occupations, leaders will need to be proactive in upskilling their workforce to develop the AI skills and knowledge necessary to leverage the technology,” said Michael Lohan, CEO of IDA Ireland.

Minister of State for Trade Promotion, Digital and Company Regulation Dara Calleary said AI skills are vital for maintaining and enhancing Ireland’s competitiveness globally.

“As AI continues to transform the nature of work and revolutionise every sector of our economy, businesses will increasingly rely upon those with the skill sets to harness the potential of generative AI,” Mr Calleary said.

Commenting on the Labour Market Pulse, James O’Connor, Microsoft Ireland Site Lead and Vice President of Microsoft Global Operations Service Center, said Generative AI is a transformative technology that has significant potential to empower the country’s workforce

“As generative AI becomes more prolific in the workplace, it is crucial that industry continues to collaborate with Government and academia to empower the current and future generations with the AI skills and knowledge to take full advantage of the technology,” Mr O’Connor said.

Head of LinkedIn Ireland Sue Duke said the skills that professionals need to thrive in an AI-powered world of work are dramatically changing.

“We expect to see a 73% change in skills needed in the Irish workforce by 2030, up from a 54% change expected before the rise of generative AI,” Ms Duke said.

Article Source – AI-enabled workforce critical for future investment – IDA – RTE

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